Welcome! I live in Seattle and focus on three areas of work:

Private sessions ~
For individuals and couples, I offer the opportunity for experiences in sensual and sexual awareness, empowerment and healing. These include verbal and hands-on coaching, physical experiences and skills in intimacy and communication. more here . . .

Training for Professionals ~ For other hands-on professionals in sensual, erotic and healing modalities, I teach courses in the professional skills of assessment, containment, boundaries, communication, self care and bodywork. I also offer mentoring on a short term or long term basis. more here . . .

Learning to Touch ~ Finally – the book!  Who would have ever thought it would take so much personal introspection to write a book on erotic freedom? But so it is, and so it has taken me longer than I ever thought likely. But it’s coming along, and it’s thrilling to have it approaching its birth. Expect some news this fall.

My work in sexuality is based on fluent body awareness as the basis for personal choice, and on autonomy as the basis for real connection. It explores the power of desire, the joy of play, and the freedom of personal responsibility.

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