Like a Pro

The Wheel of Consent for Practitioners

Massage therapists, tantra practitioners, sexological bodyworkers,
sacred sexuality guides, escorts, surrogate partners, erotic massage artists . . .

Psychotherapists, physicians, counselors, coaches . . .

Are you doing what your client wants you to do, or what they allow you to do?
What’s the difference and why does it matter?

You’ve taken the courses — you’ve got the skills.
But what is it, exactly, that makes you a professional? 

(Hint: it’s not the money)

If you are doing hands-on work, you need to have:

  • your own personal clarity
  • accurate protocols for assessment
  • a clear and effective container
  • skills to teach consent and empowerment to your clients/students
You need to know:
  • the difference between giving and receiving
  • how to make sure you never overstep what your client is ready for
That’s what separates the dilettantes from the pros. And that is where this course comes in.



ere’s what you will learn:

• The single most important skill
a practitioner can have and how to develop it (It’s NOT another technique!)

• What “giving” and “receiving” REALLY are and why knowing the difference is crucial for getting profound results for your clients and students.

• Assessment – finding out what your client is ready for and – more importantly – what they are not. This must be done with guided body experience, not just with conversation.

• Containment – How to create a strong container for your clients that has enough safety for them to get into the REAL work they are coming to you for

• Pleasure – When to bring your own pleasure into session (and when not to!) — making it more fun for everyone

• Healing – What’s actually going on in healing work and how to help your clients access parts of themselves that have been hidden away

• Quality of Touch – How to bring both clarity and heart into your hands so that all your touch is rich, juicy and satisfying

Empowerment and consent – teaching your client how to become exquisitely aware of their own desires and limits and how to communicate them. Reminding them it’s OK to say ‘No’ is not enough.


ere’s how it’s structured:

We spend the first 2 days on YOU – finding where you are clear (or not) in receiving and giving, and give you the framework of the Quadrants that everything else is built on. These are often the big ‘Aha’ moments.

Then you learn assessment protocols so you find out what is useful for your client – and what is not. (And when to set aside your groovy techniques in light of that). We show you how to use this in varied situations and then each participant has time to ask, brainstorm and clarify how this fits into their own particular form of work. Forms of work vary, and therefor so does the application.


his is what we don’t cover:

We don’t teach bodywork techniques, but instead the skills to clarify, enhance and empower all your touch. There are many opportunities for exchanging touch as part of the learning, but there is no genital touch in the workshop.

Business and marketing skills are mentioned briefly but not focused on.


hen and where:

These days Like a Pro is managed through my colleagues and myself at the School of Consent. This link takes you to our calendar.


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