:: Lab Day ::
for all Like a Pro graduates
April 7

Lab Day

For all Like a Pro grads – of this year and previous years

Sunday, April 7

10 am – 6 pm

At Lab Day, it’s hands-on ~ all day!
4 days of class are enough to cover the essentials – but not quite enough hands-on time.
Hence – Lab Day! We use this day to play with what you’ve just learned and take it deeper.
If you took Like a Pro in previous years, come to Lab Day to refresh, update, practice, take it deeper, and get on the table! Lab Days are very rich – we create them based on who is there and what you want more practice with.
Get your questions answered and enjoy a full day of coaching with Betty and each other.
Common questions: Bossy massage, erotic massage, ritual play, emotional fluency, teaching the Wheel, including using it in your workshops, addressing specific needs of clients.
For students of this year’s Like a Pro: no cost
For graduates of previous years’ Like a Pro: $100 for the day.
Location this year is the same location as the course. We’ll send you that when you register.
To register: