Shared coaching and supervision calls

Shared coaching and supervision calls

Series of 4 calls, $160

I love offering supervision and coaching calls to my colleagues! And I’ve noticed something – that quite often, people’s questions are similar to someone else’s. I often think, “Oh, so-and-so would like to hear this part, too.”

Hence, group calls.

This also gives a chance for people starting out, without a big budget for supervision, to partake at a very reasonable cost.

Series of 4 calls, 75 minute calls, 4 people maximum in the group. $160 for the series.

Obviously, super private issues won’t work here, but you can still get support with those in a one-on-one call with me ($120 for an hour).

Time – 2 options:

  • First Tuesday of each month, 11 am Pacific time
  • Second Monday of each month, 2 pm Pacific Time

We meet on ZOOM – like Skype but better. You have to download it just like you did Skype, once upon a time.

My Zoom #: 206-920-1228 (same as my phone number in case that’s easier to find)