Like A Pro alumni Monthly Salon

Second Mondays of each month – now 2 call times:
AM Pacific – open topic, whatever you bring
2 PM Pacific – specific topic each month
Join either call (or both!)

Note – for Australia, that’s early morning of the following day.

For all who have completed Like A Pro, an open forum to share how you’ve been experimenting with teaching and using the Wheel of Consent. Check in, compare notes, brainstorm ideas. Free.

Seattle, WA

April 3-7 — Like A Pro, 5 day training. Consent and assessment protocols for hands-on practitioners, surrogates, providers, coaches and therapists. Registration now open – filling up quickly!

April 7 — Lab Day for Like a Pro graduates – The last day of Like a Pro is open to Like a Pro alumni from previous years. More time to get on the table, experiment, practice what you’ve learned.

Vienna, Austria

April 24-28, 2019Like A Pro, 5 day training  — Registration open!

Manchester, UK

May 18-22, 2019Like a Pro, 5 day training This training is sold out! Please see other cities.

Cologne, Germany

May 31-June 2, 2019 – 4 day Wheel of Consent private practitioner training for Ananda Tantra Bodywork Institute. Waiting list for external participants available (hands-on practitioners, surrogates, providers, coaches and therapists) – send an application through Tickets will only be available to the public if there is space available.

Prague, Czech Republic

June 5-9 – Like A Pro, 5 day training. Taught by Matt Schwenteck and Robyn Dalzen — Registration open!

Oakland, CA

June 17-22Like a Pro Bay Area, 6 days, with Marcia Baczynski – Registration open!

Austin, TX

Sept 4-8Registration opens March 4!

Seattle, WA

Sept 14-18Registration opens March 14!


The following offerings for 2019 are for LAP alumni only. If you are interested in participating (and you have not yet taken Like A Pro), please apply to one of the Like A Pro trainings prior to the start of these programs.

Wheel of Consent® Workshop Facilitator Certification –– An 8-week online course to become certified to teach the official 2-to-3 day “Wheel of Consent Workshop®” for the general public; beginning in February.

Teaching the Wheel in Groups – A 3-week online course on facilitating touch events and incorporating the Wheel into the workshops and group events you are already offering; beginning in April.

Practitioner Intensive – A 6-month deep dive into the Wheel of Consent and how to integrate it into your facilitation of sessions and workshops; offered in the US beginning in September, and Europe next year.

Events by my colleagues and students of the Wheel of Consent: