Like A Pro alumni Monthly Salon

Second Mondays of each month – now 2 call times:
AM Pacific – or – 2 PM Pacific
Join either call (or both!)

Note – for Australia, that’s early morning of the following day.

For all who have completed Like A Pro, an open forum to share how you’ve been experimenting with teaching and using the Wheel of Consent. Check in, compare notes, brainstorm ideas. Free.

Austin, TX

Sept 4-8 Like A Pro, 5 day training – Registration open!

Seattle, WA

Sept 14-18Like A Pro, 5 day trainingSold out – Waiting List Only.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Oct 16-20Like A Pro, 5 day training, taught by Robyn Dalzen – Registration open!

Manchester, UK

Nov 12-16Like A Pro, 5 day training, taught by Robyn Dalzen – Registration open!

Victoria, BC

Nov 15-17 – Celebrating the Body Erotic for all Genders. This retreat creates a community that explores and celebrates the powerful healing that happens when the natural connection between Eros and spirit is restored. Betty is assisting two excellent teachers, Emaya Shaw and William McMeniman

New Zealand

February, TBD – Auckland, most likely


February and March – TBD – Perth, Melbourne and Sydney

April 3 – April 12, 2020 In the Field advanced professional training, with Betty, Uma Furman and Deej Juventin

April 6-12, 2020 – Growing in Embodiment relaxation and learning retreat, with Betty, Uma and Deej and practitioners.

Official Wheel of Consent® Workshops by our Certified Facilitators

Events by my colleagues and students of the Wheel of Consent: