• That word, ‘Energy’

    Someone recently wrote to me, saying that they are working on their presentation for a conference (in Montreal!) and they had heard that in my classes I prefer people to

  • Interviews

    Here’s the lovely Charlotte Cronquist, who took Like a Pro last year in Berlin. Most of her podcast is in Swedish, but for us she switched to English. This is

  • The moral issue of our time

    this is an email i wrote a while back, in response to a question to a group of us (my extended family), by my son, wondering if the climate crisis

  • Notes on becoming an elder

    This is not a well formed article – just some notes from last weekend. Might as well put them here as anywhere. Met with a small group of elder women

  • Happy Birthday, Bonny!

    My new friends at Angsbacka retreat in Sweden, sang happy birthday to my daughter, back in the USA, who turned 35 that day – thank you all!