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Because no one is taught what they really need to know – how to know yourself and what you want, how to communicate easily and authentically, how to cut loose and play, how to be both selfish and generous in the best ways.

I define sex in the broadest sense – a full range of affectionate and sensual play and erotic expression. It’s way more than genital contact, and may not include genital contact at all. Most of what makes the difference between ho-hum sex and astounding sex is learned before ever getting your clothes off.

You already know what body part goes where. Coaching enables you to find the rich, creative, playful, heartful, passionate and cosmic possibilities.

Or – if you are struggling with sex and affection, coaching helps you find the key that brings you ease so you can relax and enjoy yourself however you like.

Never on the first session. Sometimes later for bodywork.
No. If we have been working together for some time, there may be times when it is appropriate for me to shed some layers, but this is discussed carefully ahead of time and I never completely undress.
Yes, definitely, though it may not be the way you imagine.

The touch I teach is not a technique but a way to discover and develop a quality of presence in your hands. They become perceptive, sensual and incredibly inviting. From there, and only after that, will I teach you strokes. Strokes without presence are not worth much.

You bet. This is a perfectly valid reason.
Yes. Because of the pervasive confusion about touch, choice and sex, many people have a hard time. It’s no wonder.

What I teach you and guide you through empowers you to know your desires and limits and communicate them. This is what frees you to relax and enjoy yourself, and these skills are learned completely clothed. They make all the difference in the world. Sometimes it also helps to have some experience with me, touching, talking, getting close and cuddling. We can do that.

Much of my work is surrogate-like in that I interact with you through touch, cuddling, role play and affection.

I am a Certified Surrogate Partner through The Institute for Mind Body Therapy. Sexual Surrogacy is not licensed in Washington.

Sadly, there is very little training for the work I do. In fact, I am developing training programs for others.

My qualifications are based on my professional experience in working with people in holistic health and counseling for 30+ years and adding to that my own personal sexual journey over the last 15 years.

Much of my erotic journey was sparked and supported by work with the Body Electric School, including assisting at many workshop for women and for men and women, and the Sacred Intimate trainings they offer. I earned my Sexological Bodywork certificate from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

I currently teach boundaries, assessment protocols, consent and communication to other sexuality coaches and sex workers of many kinds.


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