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If you are one of those who have challenges with your sexuality and have a desire for healing – welcome! This page is for you.

The most important thing to know about your sexuality is that it’s yours – completely and permanently. You get to choose if, when, how and with whom to share it. No one else has the right to choose for you.

The next thing to know is that your capacity for pleasure is a natural part of being human. You don’t have to earn it. You were born with it. You are whole and complete, loving and lovable.

The next thing to know is that what you’ve been taught about sexuality – what it is, what’s normal, how to use it – falls pretty darn short of your natural erotic potential. Our cultural conditioning is extremely narrow, and generally “messed up”. This is not your fault.

The next thing to know is that no matter how messed up, confused, or stuck you feel about your sexuality, it can be transformed. Healing is a natural process and an automatic result of paying attention. You are absolutely worth it.

The options for expression of sexuality are endless. There’s no “right way” to be male or female, no “right way” to express the natural flow of life and joy that is you. There is – always – the choice of whether to express it in ways that respect yourself and others, or in ways that harm yourself or others. The purpose of this work is to bring you back to your natural ability to connect with yourself and others with respect, delight, and love.

About the Healing Work

Through the years, I have come to know sexuality as a powerful source of creativity, healing, and joy. Healing your sexuality can bring about clarity and empowerment in all areas of life, and the experience of compassion and affirmation can wipe away years of shame and confusion.

In working together, we start exactly where you are, instead of trying to fit you into a program. You are gently guided and supported, never pushed.

This work is experiential. We create a strong container of safety, love and acceptance, so that you can let go, rest into it, and follow your natural process. Your body knows exactly what it needs. Experiences can be sweet and tender, playful, energized, or intense. Emotional release is common. There is room for you here – your fears, your dreams, your yearnings, and your fully alive, fully feeling, outrageous, deep, wise, multi-faceted self.

A Note About “Sexual Problems”

They are seldom what they seem! Though it is possible to take a “solutions” approach, the only magic wand we have is your own awareness. Your body knows exactly what it yearns for, and our job is simply to help you learn to notice what it’s asking for, and then to help you learn to make choices that best meet your needs.

This work requires emotional integrity. Though we will be guiding your experience and maintaining safe boundaries, you must be responsible for your decisions at all times. If you are working with a therapist, I will be glad to consult with them.

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