Other practitioners

In Seattle

Practitioners, coaches, and people who offer something similar to what I offer:

Sexological Bodyworkers in Seattle – several colleagues, offering sessions and support for women, men and all genders. Good folks!

Vicki TracyPhysical and emotional support through energy healing.

Tracy Lee – Cuddling and coaching. Tracy specializes in growing pleasure and healthy emotional connections.

Charlie Glickman – Experienced, gentle and wise sexuality coach, working with women, men and couples.

Katie Spataro – Serves women, specializing in healing of pregnancy and birth, pregnancy loss and support groups, and coaches couples in connection and sensuality. Katie also understands the Wheel of Consent and offer workshops on it.

Kat Camp – Sexological Bodywork and intimacy coaching, and radical self-acceptance.

Cindy – Cindy offers coaching and educational sessions, sensual touch sessions and Tantra skills.

Not too far away:

Caffyn Jesse – Sexological Bodywork, coaching, a wise and gentle person, sessions, workshops, retreats, and a good ebook on ejaculation choice. Salt Spring Island, Canada.

Liam ‘Captain’ Snowdon – Sex Positive Art and Resource Center in Victoria BC – Counseling, bodywork, Certified Sexological Bodywork.

Elfie Shaw and Gary Dillon – Also in Canada – teachers, bodyworkers, guides, facilitators. I’ve taught with them as well.

Farther away, but available online – skilled, wise and fluent in the Wheel of Consent:

Robyn Dalzen – Co-teaches with me. Wheel of Consent, sexuality and empowerment coach, somatic sex educator, Trauma Release Exercises.

Jojo Rodrigo – Intimacy education, somatic sex education and support, hypnotherapy.

Michael Dresser Body-based relationship and touch coaching for all, and sex coaching for gay men.

Robyn Lynn – Experienced erotic coach, relationship support.







Supporting awareness and embodiment

Cuddle Party – Easiest, friendliest, most accessible way to learn how to communicate and relax in proximity to other humans. Not a sexual event.

Ecstatic Dance – Learning to move without a plan – Learning how to be ‘in your body’

Sacred Groves – Workshops, retreats, support in a grounded spiritual path. Their Grief rituals and retreats are – wow – just – wow. Bainbridge Island.

Relationship support

Marcia Baczynski – one of the very best in helping you through questions about non-monogamy, consent, desire, agreements. We often teach together.

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