Other practitioners

In Seattle

Practitioners, coaches, and people who offer something similar to what I offer:

Body Trust Circle – for both sessions and workshops – experienced, solid, grounded and capable. Alex and Lizz are both in Seattle.

Sexological Bodyworkers in Seattle – several colleagues, offering sessions and support for women, men and all genders. Good folks!


Garland and Toby offer support, healing and learning for men. Sexological Bodywork certified.

Charlie Glickman – Experienced, gentle and wise sexuality coach, working with women, men and couples.

Diana – Cuddle sessions, with support and light coaching as an option. Diana’s a great cuddler!

Katie Spataro – Serves women, specializing in healing of pregnancy and birth, pregnancy loss and support groups, and coaches couples in connection and sensuality.

Kat Camp – Sexological Bodywork and intimacy coaching, and radical self-acceptance.

Cindy – Cindy offers coaching and educational sessions, sensual touch sessions and Tantra skills.

Will – Will offers a variety of kinds of sessions, too, including Sexological Bodywork and coaching. I can vouch for his table.

Not too far away:

Selah Martha – Sexuality healing and therapy, Port Townsend, WA. Selah has been a friend and colleague for many years, and is mature, grounded, wise and embodied. She works with sexuality as well as broader issues.

Caffyn Jesse – Sexological Bodywork, coaching, a wise and gentle person, sessions, workshops, retreats, and a good ebook on ejaculation choice. Salt Spring Island, Canada.

Liam ‘Captain’ Snowdon – Sex Positive Art and Resource Center in Victoria BC – Counseling, bodywork, Certified Sexological Bodywork.

Elfie Shaw and Gary Dillon – Also in Canada – teachers, bodyworkers, guides, facilitators. I’ve taught with them as well.

Supporting awareness and embodiment

Cuddle Party – Easiest, friendliest, most accessible way to learn how to communicate and relax in proximity to other humans. Not a sexual event.

Ecstatic Dance – Learning to move without a plan – Learning how to be ‘in your body’

Sacred Groves – Workshops, retreats, support in a grounded spiritual path. Their Grief rituals and retreats are – wow – just – wow. Bainbridge Island.

Relationship support

Marcia Baczynski – one of the very best in helping you through questions about non-monogamy, consent, desire, agreements. We often teach together.


Resource page from Body Trust Circle – http://bodytrustcircle.com/resources/ – books, video and more