essions and fees


I help people – all shapes, sizes, ages and genders of people – get really comfortable in their skin and learn how to enjoy it again.

Sometimes people know they have challenges, sometimes they have been struggling for years. Other times they are doing okay, but are ready for something more, something better, something more vital and authentic.

Sessions are experiential. That means we do more than talk – we do stuff. I show you how to breathe and move so that your body remembers how to relax, and we may (if you like) exchange some touch so that you remember how to notice what you want, trust it, value it and communicate it.

The first session:

First, we talk a bit, I hear about your history and your interests, answer any questions you have. If you come as a couple, I am especially careful to hear both of you and never let one of you speak for the other.

Then I take you through a few experiences that play with body awareness and communication and show both you and me what is easy for you and what is hard for you.

These sessions are clothed, gentle, empowering and fun. Most people are surprised at what they learn and take home new skills immediately.

Next sessions:

Now that we know more about what you need, we can move in that direction.

Sessions are experiential ~ Physical play, role play, affection, touch, learning body awareness through breath, movement, play, perhaps massage. Sometimes learning about your own experience of arousal by taking you into it.

We become very clear on receiving and giving, what they are and are not and how to tell the difference.

Sessions may include the option to shed some layers of clothing, depending on what you prefer. You are never asked to wear less than you are comfortable in.

You will be learning how to choose and communicate, so at no time – ever – are you expected to do anything that is beyond your level of comfort. I never allow one partner of a couple to pressure the other.

When working with couples, you choose how much you want me involved in the cuddling and touching. I do not have sex with clients.


ime and money

Sessions are 90 minutes, $180. For couples, 2 hours, $220. Sometimes I recommend longer sessions. (If expense is a problem, please see my statement at the end of this page.)


ther services

Phone Coaching – Never as effective as in-person, but sometimes great for follow up. One hour, $110.

Cuddle Parties – Our most fun way ever to learn, and most economical! $25, or make a donation. See the Cuddle Party website.

Assistance – For people with disabilities, attending sexuality and intimacy workshops can be daunting, at best. I can go with you and help you. Rates negotiable.

Attendance – Some workshops require a partner to be able to attend. In limited circumstances, I may be able to go as a partner. Rates negotiable.

Small groups and private workshops – I can facilitate a safe and playful exploration with a small group you choose yourself. For example, teaching a few friends how to exchange sensual massage, or facilitating a small group erotic exploration with safety and integrity. Your place or mine!

Therapy Consultation – If you are currently working with a therapist, I may want to consult with them. There is no charge for initial and occasional consultation. Charges will apply if consultation becomes extensive or long term.

My hope is that anyone who really wants to do this work can make it happen. If finances are a challenge, this may include some negotiating and possibly trading of services, up to half the amount owed. In short, money is not a good enough reason to keep you out. Let’s talk!