I’m Dr. Betty Martin. I live in Seattle, and I help people learn to enjoy their skin, and to touch with clarity, sensuality, confidence and joy.

I help you learn to notice what it is you want, and then how to trust it, value it and communicate it. I help you learn when to be selfish and when to be generous. Who would want a life without both of those?

That means that you learn how to be very good to each other in bedroom, and how to be equally clear, confident and present in all the other rooms as well.


Listen to a short interview for KBCS radio (about 6 minutes)


I work with individuals of all genders and with couples of every configuration. I offer individual and couple sessions here in my studio, workshops in Seattle and elsewhere, and coaching by video conference. I work with those who want to learn about, play with, and even heal their own sexuality.

I also offer the best, least expensive and most relaxed way to learn about touch – Cuddle Parties!

It’s a lot of fun.

And yes, I train the trainers! I offer in-person training workshops for practitioners who use touch in their work, and for coaches and counselors who work with sexuality and intimacy. You can see that on this website under ‘For Practitioners’.

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