oaching is for people who:


~ Want more ease and sense of play in their affection, touch and sex

~ Want support on a sexual healing journey

~ Want to find a spark in a stale relationship

~ Want support in understanding and exploring desires they’re not quite sure about

~ Want some warm, safe connection, holding, cuddling and exploring

~ Want to learn how to take plain old, reasonably ok sex into profoundly ecstatic experiences

~ Want to open the power of Eros to heal, empower, transform and enlighten

~Want a safe and comfortable place to talk about sex, ask questions and be heard


note for couples:

Quite often, one partner is more enthusiastic about seeing me than the other is.

Relationships and sexuality are complex and the reasons for reticence are many. Know that the most important thing for any couple is to find what it is that makes everybody happy, not just the one whose idea it is to come see me. Most often this means slowing down to make room for the less enthusiastic partner to find what it is he or she wants. Believe me, it’s worth it!

To the less enthusiastic of the pair: Don’t worry – we are going to make room to find out what makes your heart sing.