orkshops! I love ’em!

One of the great things about workshops is that you learn as much from other people’s experiences as you do your own. It’s very helpful to find out you didn’t make it all up – that other people are questioning, learning, growing.

I offer a couple different things these days.

Cuddle Party

Here at my studio in Seattle – and other Seattle facilitators also offer them. I cannot recommend them enough. They are the easiest, friendliest, most affordable way to gain confidence, comfort and ease with touch and communication that exists on the planet (that I know of). Often, when people think they have trouble with sexuality, it’s built on not being comfortable with simple physical proximity and communication.


It’s All in Your Hands

What happens when you take ‘Giving’ and ‘Receiving’ apart, so you feel one of them at a time? Come find out! Learn how to both receive and give, what the difference is and why it matters. Workshop for women, men, couples, transgendered persons. Learn how to make your touch relaxed, present, generous and, well, fabulous! I offer these in Seattle a couple times a year.

Erotic Massage

It’s easy to find a video of snazzy strokes for interesting body parts. But if it’s not what the receiver wants – it’s not so hot. In fact, it’s awful. How to find out and follow what the receiver wants? That’s this class. It’s not quite as easy as strokes – but it’s way more fun. For both of you.

It turns out that the most important part of the erotic massage is the communication. Who knew?

I offer this class on occasion, again, for individuals of all genders, and couples.

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