My goodness, the Wheel of Consent is rolling around the world and we’re running along behind it trying to keep up!

I wish I could offer many more trainings – but I’m currently in my writing cave finishing up that gol-dang book. Which will, I hope, be worth the wait. I am training new trainers (and they’re wonderful!) and continuing with training practitioners with Like a Pro.

In the meantime, here’s what is available:

The videos – Aside from watching them, be sure to actually do them. Especially Lesson 1, Waking up the Hands – 5 minutes a day for a month or two. The experience of the Wheel is in, well, the experience.

Like a Pro – 5-day training for practitioners – These are filling up fast and again (around writing) I’m trying to offer more.

Other people’s workshops – Many of my students offer workshops around the world. Check the calendar, at the bottom of the page for those.

Other videos and articles – A variety of notes and short videos, many of them taken from my classes, mostly aimed at practitioners but may be useful to others as well.

Cuddle Party – This is not specifically about the Wheel, but is a great place to practice asking for what you want, saying yes and no, and enjoying non-sexual touch. It says ‘party’ but it’s really a mini-workshop. They also offer an excellent training of facilitating groups, Foundations of Facilitation.

Sharing the Wheel – If you think you’ve ‘got it’ and are keen to share it and teach it, please see this first.

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Current Trainings:

Teaching the Wheel in Groups, an online/video class for Like a Pro grads, beginning in May.

Workshop Facilitator Certification Training, for Like a Pro grads, which is full and underway. We will offer this again at some point, not sure when.

Practitioner Training, also for Like a Pro grads, beginning this fall, which is also full.

Trainings to come:

Workshop Facilitator Certification Training, next spring, 2019

Practitioner Training, TBD, 2019, one in Europe and one in North America

And many more local Wheel of Consent Workshops, since we’ll have a new crop of Certified Facilitators.

These events can also be found here:

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