Joyful Embodiment – a webinar

[Video here – audio is below, which you can download]

February 15, 2016, with Betty, Katie Sarra of Dawlish, UK, and Curt Mason of Sydney Australia.

Yes, the irony is not lost on me, using a webinar to talk about embodiment!

Nevertheless, we do explain a few things and take you through a couple of simple activities that give you a place to start. And we have some fun, good conversation and insights. The theme should have been ‘Embodiment is nothin’ but trouble’. We talk about the fact that when waking up and discovering more about yourself, there are uncomfortable moments, sometime challenges, and the kinds of support we need. And the kinds of joy and freedom it brings us.

Then we talk about the upcoming retreat, Growing in Embodiment, in Teignmouth, Devon UK, in September.

Here’s the audio –

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