help touch professionals

find more ease, joy, safety and integrity in their work, making their sessions safe, effective and satisfying.

I teach practical skills of discernment, assessment, consent and empowerment. In other words, how to know what the heck you are doing.

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Consent, Boundaries and Mentoring with professionals

The crux of the work is about receiving and giving – what they are and are not, how they really work, how to tell the difference and why it matters. Understanding this one basic dynamic changes everything.

Pleasure feeds the heart. When these dynamics are understood and clear, pleasure is richer, deeper, freer – and easier on you.

Who is it for?

If you get paid to put your hands on people, you need this course – Like a Pro: The Wheel of Consent for Practitioners. In fact, if you don’t put your hands on people, if you help them in some way, this course is also likely to be useful!

The course was originally designed for sexual and erotic professionals, but over the years has been sought out by many other hands-on and hands-off professionals. Sex work, Sexological Bodywork, Tantra. Psychotherapists, physicians, counselors, school teachers, nurses, midwives, and human resources professionals.


I guess first and foremost a huge thank you Betty.  I usually try and avoid things like “game changer” and other superlatives but this… gets really close…. David

You are hands down the best workshop teacher I’ve ever done seen : ) … Fab

Dearest Betty, I am so grateful. The workshop I did with you in Australia a couple of years ago totally changed my business and me for the better, I use the wisdom that you taught me in EVERY session … Shauna

I can’t thank you enough for the gifts I have found in your work already, the taking/allowing and getting increased clarity on consent and boundaries. In fact I am doing it in many areas even outside of work. So here is the gratitude I am often expressing, “Bless you Betty”! … Annette

Betty Martin is the best trainer I have ever learned from.  I’ll say that again, because it’s a big statement: she is the best trainer I have ever learned from.  I say this from the context of having had the privilege of many very good teachers with very good content – so my bar was already high.  Her content has no gaps. It’s deep, rich, intellectually robust, and clearly embedded in experience.  She had a considered response for every question we threw at her, which, wonderfully, was sometimes “I don’t know” (never trust anyone who thinks they have all the answers).  We learned in our heads and we learned in our bodies.  She repeated the concepts over and over in different scenarios, so they’d sink in. Betty teaches from the heart too, with warmth, candour and conviction, and perhaps that’s what makes her such an extraordinary teacher: this stuff matters to her and it shows. … Meredith Reynolds

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