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That depends entirely on what skills you have before you walk in the door. Healing work of any kind can be as simple as listening well or as complex as surrogate intimacy. It depends on your already developed inner resources, your people skills, and then other skills particular to sexuality.

For some this will add a new element to an existing practice. For others, it will be an introductory immersion experience. For others, it will deepen and empower their sexual healing practice.

So – it depends on you and on what form of practice you aspire to. For beginners, it’s a start. For experienced professionals it is a deepening and a clarifying of aspects of practice that can be confusing or challenging.

No, you do not. Sometimes people attend who are interested, or think they might be, in becoming a professional. Others attend who are ready for an in-depth experience in their own erotic education or personal healing skills. Sometimes people are interested in healing work only with family or friends.

Either way, the nature of the experience is both personally healing and develops skills useful with others. Because of the depth of the work, it is not appropriate for someone with no experience of erotic or personal exploration. If you have any question about where you fit, please call me!

Because much of what I teach is taught nowhere else, I can guarantee that you will learn something new that will enrich both your personal and professional life. Many students have told me that this experience answered things that have puzzled them for years and that they continue to find new territory.

Specifically, the experiences and material on autonomy, domain, clarity of communication and understanding the 4 dynamics of all touch interactions are completely unique, and make all the difference to making your sessions safe, effective and satisfying.

The work will take both your personal journey and your work to a deeper level of joy and integrity.

Because we are dealing with the fundamental dynamics that underlie all touch, both personal and professional. However you use touch, these apply. Since it is taught nowhere else, most of it will be new to you, no matter what your experience. Certain other skills, like assessment, are essential to any kind of work. Then we will adjust to the needs of the group.

For those with extensive experience, you are likely to find answers to things that have long puzzled you. Your challenge will be to take your own experience a step deeper.

The primary focus of this training in regards to touch is first, the quality of touch. This requires respect, care and attention to the in-take of tactile data, and applies to any form of touch you are engaged in, whether personal, professional, therapeutic, recreational or instructional.

This will be taught clearly, step by step, and in depth, and is far more important to your success than any particular technique.

In addition, we will teach basic principles of massage skills and bring in a sample of various styles, so that you are comfortable and confident.

However, there is not time to go into depth with any particular technique such as lomi lomi or others.

Not at all. You may find the communication, choice and clarity parts of the training to be most useful to you. You will find, though, that the touch skills will help you appreciate other aspects of embodiment and further your own growth.

In addition, you will be able to use some of the exercises as ‘home-play’ for your clients.

Absolutely! Ditto to the answer above.

In particular, if you are contemplating adding any kind of interactive touch to your work, these parts of the training will be essential. As you know, once your client has the option to touch you, everything is more complex!

If you have chosen to attend, you are already in process, internally. If you like, you may reflect on your own personal erotic history, what brings you here and what you hope to learn. We will be sharing that at the beginning.

Please refrain from alcohol or other recreational drugs before the event.

We will be moving – a lot! Comfortable, soft clothes in layers.
You will have the opportunity to exchange touch – but never the requirement.
Like a Pro training – No.

For some advanced intensives, this may be an option, in which case I will say so in the description.

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