entoring and Supervision

By Phone, Skype or Zoom

To enrich your practice experience, clarify and deepen what you offer to clients, and support your own erotic and spiritual journey.

Free 20 minute chat to see if I am a good match for your needs. Then $160 per hour, with a minimum of 3 to start. Call me!

In Person

Sessions for my colleagues are of three kinds –

1 – Joining your sessions – I can join you in your sessions with clients. I can serve as a supportive witness, an extra set of hands, or as co-creator of the session with you. Then we can discuss it after, with an eye to what you noticed, learned or would like to clarify. This is great fun! $200 – 400 per hour, depending on what you are charging clients. Generally, clients pay for both of us. Consult afterwards is no cost.

2 – Professional – This can be in-person coaching and consulting on your experience with your client sessions, private coaching in the material presented in the Like a Pro class, or any other professional matters. $160 per hour.

3 – Personal – Put yourself in my hands, dear. Let’s get you on the table and let you drink deeply of the loving care and healing transformation you give to others. I can support your personal erotic journey and help you find the next step, the way that no one but another experienced professional can. Cost is 80% of your own rate to clients. $160 per hour minimum.

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