From Clients

Today we were having a serious, soul searching conversation (as we are wont to do frequently) and trying to understand a facet of our relationship and our sexuality. We reasoned out a new and relatively surprising observation about ourselves and suddenly, nearly at the same instant, both said “Thank God we went to Betty’s workshop”! As usual it boiled down to a matter of understanding giving and receiving, though initially seeming to be a much more complicated mess. Every day I am grateful for the gift of your knowledge, your friendship and your love.  Bob

My partner and I created a 20 minute daily practice based on Betty’s work and the results were better than we ever imagined!  Betty’s Wheel of Consent helped us explore our sexual and sensual connections with more ease, understanding, creativity, learning, and passion. I have so much trust in her.  I find her clear, authentic, empowered, skilled, and very present…. Desiree

I have learned SO much from Betty, especially in my ability to be clear about who’s doing what to whom and why.  She’s also been instrumental in learning to clearly speak what I want and what I don’t, and creating a space where my partner can also do that in safety and acceptance.

Her personal and professional support has been invaluable to me and to my relationships.  I can’t wait to have a copy of her book in my hands!

Thank you, Betty!  I love you! … William

M_ and I love the work you did with us this summer. We have so deepened our relationship and have a totally different take on our sexuality. We are amazed at how far we came in 2 months. We both feel very good about how we stretched ourselves and the changes we were able to make. Thank you for your skills in working with us…. R_

I took your weekend*long course in Portland over this past summer and the learning has stayed with me and deepened and gets juicier! I just referred to you on my facebook page, sharing the idea of making a *30 second plan!* This was a big take*away for me from that weekend. Even when I think I don’t “know” what I want, I can commit to a 30second plan, for which I can identify *exactly* what I want. Brilliant. So, just thinking of you and feeling grateful to have trained with you. I’d do it again and again in a heartbeat, and will look forward to seeking out those opportunities around the Northwest.

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From Practitioners


Sharing with you here my gratitude and excitement after listening to your first talk. I am so excited with what you have articulated which is deeply in my practice but I hadn’t worded it with such clarity.

I want to express my deep appreciation for your work you shared with me in the workshop I took with you in Berkeley. Using what you shared has moved me to a whole new level in my work. I am so much more clear in my role with my clients supporting them to tune into their bodies, verbalize what they want and be able to say and receive a “no”. The tool you gave me has allowed me to have such clarity and more confidence because of the high integrity that is resulting from using it Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.02.03 PM 1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, … Tory

Betty is the most wonderful teacher, specializing in the issues of boundaries and empowering client choice in the work of body-based sex education and healing, and I could not begin to work in this field until I took her wonderful workshop… Caffyn

I guess first and foremost a huge thank you Betty. I usually try and avoid things like “game changer” and other superlatives but this… gets really close…. David H

In the Like a Pro workshop, Dr. Betty Martin offers an uncommon opportunity to learn invaluable professional skills in a personally transformative, playful environment. Her thorough understanding of the dynamics of healthy sexuality helps participants clarify what makes for safe and empowering sexual experiences. This class provides the missing piece for most somatic sexual practitioners.

And she’s hot! … Willow

This workshop opened a new door for me. As a body worker and a therapist I am fully aware of the subtle dynamics between the practitioner and the client that so often are ignored. Betty is a master teacher and a supervisor of the highest kind.

She is teaching the material that isn’t talked about anywhere yet the most important for us as healers and for our clients.

Can’t wait to take it again and again! … Yael

You are hands down the best workshop teacher I’ve ever done seen : ) … Fab

Thanks Betty! Like I have told you before-this is powerful stuff and universally applicable – Maybe it should be LIKE A HUMAN! … Bob

Dearest Betty, I am so grateful. The workshop I did with you in Australia a couple of years ago totally changed my business and me for the better, I use the wisdom that you taught me in EVERY session … Shauna

The workshop has been a life changing experience for me! Betty helped me bring into focus what human interaction truly can be…without the assumptions and ambiguities that we all have grown up with. She provides a foundation and tools to retrain ourselves to learn to ask for what we need and to be more conscious of we are not willing to do. These tools are critical to EVERYONE, in all walks of life! I have come away from the weekend empowered with strength, confidence, and permission to be ME!!! . . . Gail

In my coaching practice, I’ve used the tools you shared with us in the workshop now in half a dozen sessions with great results. You have helped me to empower my clients to get their emotional and physical needs met. And, I’ve had a lot of fun practicing with my sweetie! . . . Andrea

Thanks again for coming to Ireland. I have learned so much from the training that already is making such a difference to me personally and to my practice. I’m delighted to see the videos are available on your website. It’s very reassuring to know I can go through the videos as a refresher!
I look forward to going through the training with you again as I’m sure it would consolidate things for me. Hopefully we’ll see you in Ireland again soon. . . .Abi

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