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After guiding clients for 15 years, in embodiment and sexual awareness, I have closed that practice. (You can still read about it here, in case it’s useful.) And you can find other people I recommend here.


I offer supervision and mentoring for practitioners – people who work with other people, especially those including touch of any kind. Massage therapists, tantra practitioners, physicians, psychotherapists, surrogate partners, sex workers, counselors and coaches.

Available by Zoom or Skype, $160 per hour. For a free intro call: https://calendly.com/bettymartin/20-min-zoom


I developed Like a Pro, a 5-day training for practitioners in the Wheel of Consent and now offer it through the School of Consent, along with other colleagues. First we take you through an experience of each of the four quadrants, and then talk about how to apply that learning in your client sessions. Our goal is to make your client sessions safe, effective, and satisfying – for both of you.

The Book

I wrote a book! The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent is now available – including a free chapter.


I love podcasts and interviews! You can see a few of them here. Be in touch!


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